RTD platinum temperature sensors

• Every -TE- temperature sensor is built to reduce your total cost of ownership through efficient design and easy installation. We manufacture a variety of resistance temperature detectors, thermocouples and thermistors in thousands of different packages like probes, averaging sensors, stator winding detectors, HVAC/R sensors and more.
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Hall effect Position Proximity Sensors

• Magnetic Sensors, incorporating Hall Effect and Variable Reluctance technologies, provide a range of sensor solutions including speed and direction measurement to position and proximity sensing.
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Level Sensors

• Full range of systems for liquid and solid level measurement for different industries such as water treatment industry , petrochemical industry , food & beverages industry etc. According to specific applications you can select suitable products for point level or continuous level detection.
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MEMS Gyroscopes.

• STIM202 is a cluster of 1, 2 or 3 ultra high accuracy ButterflyGyro TM in a miniature package representing a superior choice to FOG's in respect to robustness, reliability, size/weight, power and cost. The simplicity of use is high; connect power and STIM202 will provide accurate measurements over the RS422 interface.
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Hall effect Speed Sensors

• Magnetic Sensors have provided efficiency, reliability, and durability which have respectively played a pivotal role in promoting new designs of today and development of more advanced innovative designs of tomorrow while remaining cost effective.
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Fiber Optics Testing & Systems.

• Opsens' fiber optic sensing technology can be applied to measure temperature, pressure, linear displacement, strain, force & load. Our optical sensors are proven to perform exceptionally well in harsh and high temperature environments. Our fiber optic sensors are immune to RF, MRI, EMI, nuclear and microwave radiation. >> ...more