Molibdenum Disilicide heaters up to 1830°C.

M.E.SCHUPP MolyCom - Ultra electric heating elements are dense cermet materials, mainly composed of MoSi 2 (molybdenum disilicide) and some ceramic components. Above 900°C service temperature the surface will form a protective high temperature layer of pure quartz, which gives the MolyCom Ultra material a high resistance to oxidation.
M.E.SCHUPP MolyCom - Ultra elements may be used up to a surface temperature of 1,800°C in oxidizing atmospheres. Long service life and ease of replacement contribute to high furnace utilization and low maintenance costs. New and old elements can be used together and in series.
M.E.SCHUPP MolyCom - Ultra elements are manufactured according to established industry standards.
M.E.SCHUPP MolyCom Hyper heating elements have a high purity glassy silica layer and this layer works as an oxidation protection layer with very low oxidation permeability. Therefore the heating elements show less deformation, an excellent low temperature oxidation ("pest") resistance and long life use. The high-purity and no-pest-heater are available in 3/6 and 4/9mm at a maximum temperature of 1,800°C and as U and W shape, as 360°C shape and as flat shape.